"Are you glaring at me?" DeVille saga, pt.1

I love challenges, and I guess that’s why I’ve set out on this blogging adventure. A while ago, I was doing one of those personal temperament profile test things, and I took the test and found the essay that “explained” my temperaments and attitudes to be fairly accurate. It said, I rise to challenges, that I am not satisfied with the ho-hum of life, and when others may desist, I persist! I guess that may explain the reason why I’m doing this. I love puzzles, and this lady I work with is totally baffling everyone. Before I get any further I must provide some backdrop.

Meet my curious cubicle neighbor, Miss Cruella DeVille (code name for the blog…its therapeutic for me to call her that, c’mon), about 33 years of age, single, African-American, dreads, modestly dressed with nothing extreme and actually wears an abnormal number of full length skirts down to the ankles (I notice because such conservative dress is abnormal in this “exposed” society…and you may be thinking “Wow Luke, no wonder you’re having drama, you yourself are staulking her and the clothes in her closet”…I also mention this because I believe this to be significant…not sure how currently). She started working for the Mobile Devices department of the SunTimes Newspaper at Merchandise Mart. Her first day was about a month ago, and she was friendly, saying hi to all who came by her desk, and for the first week we had friendly conversations back and forth…mostly light conversation. Her wit had a delightful jovial spirit at the center with soft sarcasm around the edges. Not offensive, nothing crazy, just witful joking around.

This is where the mystery begins, where Dr. Jekyl under the light of the moon mysteriously changes form and turns into…well its not that hideous of a situation, but its super intriguing. Somewhere right after her first week, she began to be frank and terse, almost to the extent that the DeVille I knew no longer existed, and it was as if night turned to day, as if in fit of rage, she like Jake in “Twilight”, began to morph into a giant wolf creature…not really but you get the picture…it was sudden.

Soon, attempts at making small talk brought responses, like “Luke, actually I’m going to get back to work now, if you don’t mind” preceded by a long annoyed stare. I can respect a womans desire to make it as successful and work hard, and push through lunches for the sake of productivity. We all make sacrifices sometimes.

So for a about a week I didn’t bother her, I let her be. She became increasingly somber, and her interactions with people grew shorter and more frank. But at about week two of her time there, I looked over my cubicle to see if my co-worker Jim was sitting at his desktop, when a stern annoyed voice spoke to me, “Luke are you GAZING at me? Are you looking at me? Do you NEED anything?” As my guess that the look of someone in awe and the look of “caught-with-your-hand-in-the-cookie-jar” are quite similar, she thought she caught me, but really I was like….”whaaaaaaa?” I said, “excuse me?”, she seemed pissed at this point. “Do not gaze at me…do you need anything?” Again, I’m like “whaaaaa?” So I say, “No….no I was looking for Jim…over there” as I pointed in his direction. She just lowered her head with a scowl.

I returned to my normal position facing my computer, which is opposite of her desk.

What does a good mannered gentlemen do, who doesn’t want to get slapped with false sexual harrassement charges, but wants to honor the common woman in the workplace? “Leave her alone,” was the advice I received from many respected woman including my wife (baby I love you, you give the best advice in the world). So I did, much against my “fix-it” tendency I have…I made it may life-goal NOT to make eye contact, and for the last two weeks, I succeeded….only in my own perspective I guess, because today I was caught “glaring” at her, while emptying my loose leaf tea into the trash.

This is where my gears of puzzle solving start to make an annoying screaching sound as my gears are running so fast they’re running out of the oil of previous learned experience…this is something entirely new and befuddling!! In fact, I have no gear for this…I’m spinning free, no teeth to catch on the wheel of the next gear. So I’m not even looking at her, but apparently I was “glaring” at her this time. In fact as I was looking at the trash can, she started talking to me, and as I raised my head, I found she was already staring at me. This was our conversation:

DeVille: “Do you need anything? Stop glaring at me Luke!”
Me: “What are you talking about?”
DeVille: “If you want anything, just use my name, don’t glare at me.”
Me: “Deville, I don’t want anything….I wasn’t glaring at you I was emptying my tea…..”
DeVille: “JUST….don’t glare at me….use my name. That’s all I ask.”
Me: “I wasn’t glaring at you, I was….*insert sigh*….this in your head DeVille, its all in your head”
DeVille: “Whatever, don’t glare at me, that’s all I ask.”
Me: “This is a game in your head DeVille, I went out of my way to NOT look at you for the past two weeks DeVille….this is one big game all in your head.”
DeVille: “Don’t stare at me.”

Then….it was over. I turned back to my seat, trembling with adrenaline through my body! I successfully don’t know what to do. She’s crazy!!

The current fix on the situation is to put a bulletin board between our cubicles, so she can’t see me “glaring” at her, while I face the opposite direction and work on my computer. All this is not so en-angering anymore, just super duper uber perplexing! I’m working with someone as mysterious as mystery itself on a foggy evening in London, and its causing me to want to figure her out.

And now on a serious note:

I’ve been praying for her, I don’t know if she’s going through something with her family, a death, or is just emotionally despondent right now, who knows but my Father in heaven.

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I’ll keep writing as long as interesting things keep happening! This is so fun….and therapeutic!

One thought on “"Are you glaring at me?" DeVille saga, pt.1”

  1. Like I keep saying, you really need to take a picture of her. It would help me to enter into the drama more 🙂
    And just imagine what she would do if she caught you. Woah! Then she’d actually have a tiny bit of grounds for her wild allegations.
    You’re such a good man, baby. You have so much joy to offer the world, don’t let one DeVille make you second guess yourself. That might be part of why this is going on. The DeVil might be trying to give you an experience that will make it more difficult for you to share your thoughts and feelings with others for fear that you’ll get more reactions like hers. Don’t give up. Be wise, but gentle.
    Love you baby.

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