One days worth of calories…in one drink!!!

What are we eating today? What happened to lemonade? You know, water, lemon, and sugar!! Or green tea? You know, water and leaves? Take a look at Americas Worst Beverages, as explored by Mens Health magazine! But really now, who is approving this? “Oh look at this heart attack…hmmm looks delicious…APPROVED!” How much money do we spend on food? America cracks me up sometimes…thanks for listening!

#1. Worst Beverage In America. “PB&C Chocolate Shake by ColdStone, 24 fl. oz) is a whopping 2,100 calories!!! The average American male, “ought” to consume that amount of calories in food throughout his day!!!

Sugar equivalent? 30 sugar cookies! Who’s a hungry hippo? Hippo indeed!


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