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John Piper has come out with a book, “With Calvin in the Theater of God”. Here is a brief description of the book.

The West is awash with pragmatism. Do whatever works. Tips and techniques. Self-improvement mania. We’re fascinated with the seemingly relevant.

It is in the midst of this malaise, we need to hear again from John Calvin—born 500 years ago and one the founders of the West—as he pages through the Bible and addresses what is enduringly applicable.

Make no mistake, Calvin is intensely practical—practical in all the right ways. With Calvin, we don’t get little how-to’s and gimmicks but the biblical beauty of the central truths about God and the world that affect everything. We get the majesty of Jesus and his purposes for the world through the lens of Scripture, with Calvin’s life and theology adjusting the focus.

If you want the truly practical, don’t reach for gimmicks, how-to’s, and self-helps, but come with Calvin to the Bible in God’s theater and get the know the most important realities in the universe: God, creation, sin, heaven, hell, the cross, and the Holy Spirit.

Reflecting on 500 years of Calvin’s legacy, John Piper, David Mathis, and an all-star team of contributors invite us to join Calvin in the theater of God and see how the biblical vision of the glory of God in Christ is the most practical reality in the universe. This volume includes chapters by Julius Kim, Douglas Wilson, Marvin Olasky, Mark Talbot, Sam Storms, and John Piper.

Sit with Calvin and marvel at the Glory that changes everything.

Click here to download the book


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