Tomato’s, USA’s new weapon of mass destruction

There are times when I can’t help myself from laughing. This morning was one of those times when I read an article about the chief of the ministry of education in Turkey talking about how the country needs to research how to produce more native tomato seeds in Turkey, rather than importing them from Israel and USA. Why? Because we are implanting “genetic mechanisms” into the seeds in the pursuit of world domination. Here is what he said;

The seeds of the tomatoes and wheat we grow in Turkey mostly come from abroad, because we don’t have enough seeds of our own. They come from the US and Israel. As a Turkish intellectual, sometimes I feel very little.

I mean, can’t we produce our tomato seeds here in our country?…. And we don’t know the consequences either. You’re buying these tomato seeds. There is something called ‘genetic programming.’ They can implant a genetic mechanism into the tomatoes and we can eat it without even knowing. We can be infected with some diseases that we don’t know anything about. In the meantime, you can destroy a whole nation. They can implant such things that people who eat these seeds die in the meantime. There are things like that and it is very dangerous. Therefore our universities need to help us in that matter.

This is where I read it.

I’ll give him the benefit the doubt, perhaps hes heard wind of genetically altering vegetables to be bigger, but to wipe out a nation? How can you not laugh at that?

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