Theology Fail! Early church heresies and their relevancy for today.

Next time you sit down with your chicken bones, horoscopes, notepad and crystal ball and try to think up the next new coolest cult in your assailment of Christianity, just know, its probably already been thought of before.  The first 500 years, we see most of Christianity’s main heresy’s emerge.  Even before Paul died, there were plenty of misunderstandings to clarify.  Much of his epistles were correcting epistles, they were doing something a little off, and need some loving correction, and sometimes a rebuke.

All it takes is to erroneously change your course by a couple of degrees initially in the first few feet of a journey, and miles later you will be way off course.  Such is a way in which most heresies come about.  Its not Joey came home one day with a toad, and was like “I found God!”  But in very small measures, they deviate from the way.

Early church heresies are important for us today, because they are still the same questions many people wrestle through today.  How can Jesus be totally man and totally God?  Was Jesus really born of a virgin?  If he was born, doesn’t that make him created (and therefore not fully God)?  Why does Jesus have to be deity, and not just a teacher?

Find a great website explaining the first heresies here.  Great website explaining them.

I also encourage you, if you find this interesting, to go as deep as you can.  In learning what the heresies were, you’ll find how the church responded to such heresies to be a way to strengthen your walk with Christ.


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