“Yaano” Now an official word

Fading in and out of morning sleepiness on the train to work today, I overheard of a conversation; the lady’s side of the conversation rather, as it was over the phone. She was talking about plans for the day…she made some pauses between breaths as she was listening…and then started saying, “Yeah no…yeah no.” I was like, why is she contradicting herself in the same breath. Positive to negative, right away within the same second of each other. So odd. It dawned on me I was guilty of it too. I think we all are. Were all saying it. A certain mixture of question words, exaggeratives, one cup of oil and egg whites, gives the perfect opportunity for the listener to respond with nullifying comment. Doesn’t -1 + 1 = 0. Are we nullifying ourselves when we utter opposites like that. It doesn’t seem to be this way.

Ladies and gentlemen we have a new word. I’d like to call it “Yaano”, [yeah! + no] If had spelt it “yeahno” it would still have the ideaological context of two words still. This way, its one word.

Its almost like saying, “Yes, no”. But to us it makes sense. Lets put it in perspective.

Person A: “Hey person B, so you’re not going to go the crazy party tonight?”
Person B: “Yaano, I won’t be going.”

“Interesting, no?” (pronounced with an Austrian scientist accent). So the initial positive response, “yeah” is in response to the question at large, and really is not focused on the content of the question. It is a response to the meta question, “Is my question right?” The person responds, “yeah”. But the “no” happens because of the content being proposed in the question. The person B says “no” because within the question A is asking, “are you going to the party?” To which the correct answer is “no”.

There you have it! The explanation of an emerging word in the English language (or its just my imagination…which it probably is).

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