I know these guys who make movies…

Mothlight Creative’s home page

My years at Moody, I met a few talented individuals, who possessed a talent appreciated and recognized by most, and a level of skill with art not known by many.  In the classroom I appreciated the at times “against-the-grain” questions, and not so politically correct posits, all which thoughtfully excited the classroom to a level everyone appreciated.  These two guys pushed discussions to the edge, but never over.   There are truly few artists that I know who intermingle their passion for cinematic creativity with their passion for God and making him known.  History is filled with artists who exalted God with their creativity, and in fact much of the art and music we know today started in the church.  If God is an infinitely creative God, why can’t his sons and daughters express in art what brings Him glory.  I’ll be waiting for more productions from you guys.

Here is a Creative Reel of some of their work…man, I’m in the wrong industry.  This looks fantastic, but like hard work!


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