30 Most Saltiest Foods in America

Happy Holidays everyone!  Happy weight-gain season too!!  Sorry, I just heard all the groans of my readers.  But its the truth isn’t it?  You’re with your family, you’ve done everything you can do with them in your town, and what’s left?  Go out to eat!!  Nothing like food to bring a family together, and nothing like great food to increase ones winter mood’s.

Before you head out to family favorites like Chilis, Olive Garden, and your favorite steakhouses, first, seriously consider cooking yourself, then check out this list put out by Mens Health on the “30 saltiest foods in America”.  The hardest realization on the list for me was realizing that one of my favorite genres of food might dangerously be saturated in sodium.  CHINESE!!  No!!  Especially PF Chang.  If you’re like “PF who?” then don’t worry, you’re ok.  But if you find you and your family are going there, watch out for their Wok Charred Beef dish (#1 on the list).  It has a whopping 10,000 mg of sodium, and 850 calories!!!!!   WOW!!!  Do you feel the conflict?  The lamentful moment I have to face reality.  Its kind of like that moment when the young boy in the movies who raised and tamed his wolf realizes the wolf is too dangerous for him to keep.  You know that teary moment when he unleashes the wolf and tells him to “Go…get!  Get out of here!”  and he just sits there with a sad look in his face as if to say to his owner “Really?  This is it?  You’re just going to leave me here?”  The boy usually comes running back at the wolf throwing something at it to scare it away with tears in his eyes.  That’s how I’m feeling with the Chinese food.  We had such good times, me and the orange chicken.  General Tsao was a GOOD man!  But the sodium has to go, you’re no good for me anymore.  “Go!”  **throwing my chop-sticks at my Chinese dinner** “Get…..”

Ok, I’m done.  The list really doesn’t dawg Chinese food in general.  Just PF Chang shows up on the list a number of times and sadly enough, so does Chilis.  So have at it folks, be informed this holiday season, because really, you don’t want to have to torture yourself at the gym come January 1st.

30 Most Saltiest Foods in America


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