What type of Christian are you? Line one, two or three?

Sometimes the wind of the Holy Spirit comes across someone with power.  That day Craig Groeschell, senior pastor of LifeChurch.tv, when he wrote this article, waves were made in the kingdom, with the drop of this article.  It originally appeared here.

One day I was at home working out on my elliptical machine, listening to a sermon on my iPod. Suddenly I just had to stop. Surrounded by God’s presence, I knelt down on the floor and started crying out to God. If you had seen me, you would have thought I was falling apart. But God was putting me back together.

I cried for all of God, and His presence became immediately real. Although I’d unquestionably been spiritually reborn a decade and a half ago, it was like I was being born again.

I’ve always believed in spiritual visions; I’d just never had one. Not anymore. I saw a picture as clear as the words on this page. I stood before three lines in the sand. Somehow I knew what each line represented.

Line 1: I believe in God and the Gospel of Christ enough to benefit from it. Like so many others, crossing that first line was easy. Sadly, many who call themselves Christians live here. If there is a God, I want to be on His good side. I want to go to heaven. I want Him to bless me with good health, good relationships and a happy life. Like the nine ungrateful lepers in Luke 17, once God had helped me, I forgot about Him.

Found out what the other two lines are, and see where you land.

Where do you find yourself?  What do you think about this article?  God bless!!


One thought on “What type of Christian are you? Line one, two or three?”

  1. Hello friend! Interesting article. Thanks for sharing it. I can resonate with the daily struggle of giving all of me and my life to the Lord and trusting in Him as I sit in the wheelbarrow.

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