“You never will”

When I attended Bethlehem Baptist Church a long 10 years ago, I highly enjoyed this mans teaching (Sam Crabtree, Executive Pastor), and it seems he’s started blogging too.  I will look forward to many more posts from him.


by Sam Crabtree

Last week a subcommittee of elders had supper with Al Mohler where he said, “Every day you live there are more things you are never going to do.”

At this stage of my life, I must admit I am never going to be on the high school debate team, play on the college basketball team, pay off that mortgage in my forties, run that marathon in my fifties, and so on. For example, the evaporating number of days remaining in my life implies that I will have less and less time to read many of the great books.

That is not cause for wistful grieving, but thoughtful thanksgiving. In his infinite wisdom God ordains the times and places for each person to dwell.

Two prayers:

  1. Thank you, God, for the providential track my life has taken, a track that no one else in history ever has or ever will take, a divinely designed life for just me, with fruit that will come from only my life, and rewards just for me.
  2. Lord, help me focus on things that could still be accomplished. There remain countless wonderful things I could still do in the strength you supply.


Original article here.


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