“I see you Satan, there you are!”

Recently my family watched “Salt” with Angelina Jolie, about sleeper-spys who, as young children, are brain washed in an anti-West Communist bootcamp, and trained to go live in America, mingle among the people unnoticed, until the time is right to awaken and attack a target….which in the movie was the Russian president and the US president.

Great movie, I recommend it, but it reminded me of one thing.  One thing I was just thinking about.  I was thinking, “How I wish I could SEE how the evil one was working in my life.”  That way I could better counter-attack.  What I mean is this…the evil one’s desire and one passion is to dismantle the Body of Christ.  To ruin their marriages, to set dividing wedges between father and son, to cause emotionally disturbed young people to  generally gain a poor flavor for company and thus drive one self into loneliness and depression…the list goes on.  If Satan moved with great voice and signs like me seeing him coming like a linebacker right at me, full speed screaming “Here I come Luke, I’m after YOU!”  I would at least know the time, and how he would try to attack me.  But no, his greatest weapon is this….

Slight of hand!  Without even knowing it you find yourself in the clutches of sin, wondering how in the world you even got there.  The Holy Spirit has a saving way of breaking through, sometimes too late, but in a redemptive way showing you what you have done.  Like poison to the body, in small doses is harmless, but let it accumulate over months, decades, or even years….you might die.

Most of the time, you’ll never see him coming!  Like those sleeper spies, they had everyone fooled.  If we take this idea as a precaution and use it as a preemptive defense, it may aid in dire times in the future, it may help keep our foot from slipping.  Know he is at work in your life right now, trying to cause you to doubt, to unnecessarily be anxious, to hold onto that grudge, to let that bitterness ferment and ferment into something ugly!  As all sinful things happen in the spiritual dark, let the light of the Holy Spirit illuminate into your life, showing you what’s going on, in the spiritual warfare of your life.  Don’t have illumination?  Ask for it!!

One thought on ““I see you Satan, there you are!””

  1. Hi!
    I just stumbled on your blog, and thought you had some interesting posts. This was definitely eye opening (and I’d been wondering if Salt was worth the time), and I also wonder about when the enemy is at work. But more so, I want to make sure I don’t neglect my relationship with God in the good times, and come stumbling home to Him in those bad ones. The bad times remind us how in need of a rescuer we are, but the good times should provide ample resources to invest in our relationship more.

    I also liked the “Marriage Gap” post you did. Keep writing, you have interesting thoughts!


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