When I’m just not feeling it…

Last night was just one of those nights, and this morning was just not one I want to remember.  I was slightly less than romantic yesterday evening, and this morning, my attitude wasn’t exactly as bright as the morning sun.

I’m discouragingly finding myself insufficient to pursue my wife the way I want to the past day or so.  I’m sure husbands, wives and boyfriends, girlfriends everywhere know what I mean when I say, sometimes “its” just not there.  If everyday could be full of sailboat rides on balmy mornings, hours filled with my wife and I skipping down the Lake Shore trail hand in hand eating cotton candy, and watching a sunset from atop a mountain in the middle of nowhere.  But we know that’s not how things are.  Things scratch at our affection, and compete for our emotional energy.

Sometimes a rough night of sleep tears down your day.

Sometimes the stress of the unknown makes you a bit shaky and irritable.

Sometimes that crazy driver in front of you should just be blown to bits.

Sometimes everything just does NOT go your way….

And you find yourself insufficient to invest in the lives of those around you.  Sometimes you can’t go forward, so you slump into a chair and zone out, or take a nap, or just get out.  You want to stop everything…and be still!

This morning a word was impressed on me, and I want to share it with you.  It was simply this:

“I [God] am relentless for you!”

Relentless?  What does that mean?  It means unstoppable, unwilling to stop, and VERY willing to continue in perseverance.  Also, since one of the attributes of the very being of God, is perfect love, he can’t help but pursue us with His love!  He just can’t help it!  He pursues us!  Relentlessly!

He is so able to come alongside, and give you strength for the journey!

Like me this morning perhaps you need to pray this with me:

“Father I come to you broken and needy.  Indeed be glorified in my weakness, that as I come to you for help, you give it.  If my earthly father gives me bread when I ask, how much more will you give me good things when I ask you, my spiritual Father.  May your peace, your comfort settle on my life.  Enable me to be the co-worker, the friend, the husband, the servant you want me to be. Amen!”

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