Fatal Fantasy and the Truth

Among grunts and laughs I watched a wall filled with LCD screens, as I finished my last set of wide chest sets.  I love my gym that I go to, but at times the music videos can be a bit much.  The kind that shows too much skin?  Maybe.  Mostly it’s the sort of junk that just makes me sick to my core, deeper than my stomach.  The kind of sick, when I see abuse merge shamelessly with appeal.  Appealing abuse!  Disguisting!

I noticed two screens this time I looked up.  One displaying a young man waving a pack of bills satisfyingly towards his nose while two beautiful women grind him on either side.  The other screen displaying a show called “Celebrity Rehab” with Dr. Drew.  Fantasy and truth…the cold hard truth.

I went home and watched an episode of Celebrity Rehab, and found it was a show where celebrity alcoholics and drug addicts go to publicly talk with Dr. Drew about their problems and struggles being a star (it’s definitely not on my recommended list of TV shows to watch, just poorly put together).

There it was, fantasy in all its false promises and lures, and truth beside it exposing fantasy out for what it really is, a damaging cyclone that can be severely harmful to a person.  What’s wrong with fantasizing?  Fantasy allows a large measure of imagination with a large measure of consequence, consequence being more and more out of touch with reality.  My fear is for people who have found themselves in difficult times, life having dealt them a less than perfect hand and watched this smut on TV (or involved themselves of any form of fantasy for that matter) and said, “Yeah, that’s what I want.”


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