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The Greatest Deception

I noticed a caterpillar, brilliantly decorated, crawling up the corner of the doorway frame, with white fur, an orange head with two long antenna feelers at his head, and with another one, equally long, coming out the back as a tail.

It moved so slow and carefully that I thought it rather old and perhaps near to death, but he continued to creep up and up, swaying his head and his feelers back forth slowly as he went.

He came to what seemed like an old spiders web, the kind that look more like fuzz than web.  The caterpillar didn’t know what to make of it, as he stayed there at that obstacle swaying his head back and forth, feeling for a way ‘round perhaps.  This he did for hours.

The next day, I came back to see that he had encased himself in that fuzz, or maybe he was encased by a more speedily working spider who trapped him in there.  I instantly set to carefully scraping the fuzzy encasing away to find him inside and alive!!

Whether he was behind bars against his will or encased in his own bed awaiting new life, one couldn’t easily tell.

I let him be.  A cocoon it was, for as I stopped scraping he set to mending his bed.  My head filled with all the possible colorful butterflies that he may soon be.

One day went by, two, then three.  I came back much to my dismay.  The mending I thought he was performing turned out to be a last wave for help, as I found his body crusty and dried out like sand, sucked clean by an eight legged devil!

No new life for that caterpillar!  His journey was cut short, and I was deceived!!  The greatest deception at that, fooled that death was life!