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The Talent of living with Inadequacy.

I don’t have children presently, but am excited for the day we will have some.  I know it will take all of who I am to raise them and then some.  I praise God for a Dad who modeled for me a godly fatherhood.  Seeing him to go to his heavenly Father for help has helped me understand where ability in the face of inadequacy comes from.  I was his first child and I’m sure I made that first huddle more difficult than he expected.

This quote is dedicated to all the fathers out there.  If you are a father, you are a leader.  In this book of leadership I’m going through, I want to share a quote with you concerning inadequacy and leadership.

“What do you do with your weaknesses, failures, and wounds?  Do you hand them over to God in exchange for His grace and strength, or do you wallow in self-pity, allowing the enemy of your soul to immobilize you?…..I have come to firmly believe that inadequacy is always associated with anything that God calls us to do.” – Crawford Loritts, Leadership as an Identity. p. 63-64

Cross and Crown kick it old school, Travolta style!

From the neat guys at JibJab check out a Christmas Tribute to all the leadership at my church I call home.  Truly, after all has been laughed, all the tears shed, I really REALLY appreciate you guys.  Know my wife and I are pray for you guys regularly!  So here’s to you….love you all.