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Two hearts crashed today

The line was long, but I knew the wait was worth it for the Mexican food awaiting me at the end of the line.  As I waited, I noticed a projection on a wall across from me.  It had cigarettes, pencils, sticks, and different types of food to depict letters.  It was really distracting, as there wasn’t a real message as certain parts of a letter were left out in a phrase, all while letters and shapes were constantly being exchanged out for other letters.  Below it said, “Throw down your ideas, text 989-555-1234”.  Cool, something to do while I’m line, so I took out my handy-dandy smart phone and texted the sentence “I wonder what will happen” to the number.  What happened next, was far more distracting than the randomn letters being tossed here and there.

As if right on queue, a man and a woman, ran towards each other out of nowhere and held each other tight in a desperate hug.  My mind was still thinking that I actuated this by my text, so I began to take out the phone again to take a picture.  As soon as the thought appeared, it vanished in a sea of sympathy.  I saw her persed lips, and her agonized eye lids as she momentarily released him from their mutual clasp, and I caught some words from her mouth, though insufficient she said, “I was wondering why…”.  I couldn’t accurately deduce what was going on but I was swept into it, whatever was happening.  After she said those words, she tucked her chin intimately into the seat of her lovers neck, just above his shoulder.  He lifted his head slightly to say something into her ear, and it must have been restorative, forgiving, but whatever it was, it was loving.  When he began uttering what he said, she hugged harder, and her back began quivering from tears and sobs.

I momentarily looked to see how far into the line I had gone, to only look back for the couple and find them gone.  I’m glad I didn’t pull out my phone for a pic; no, that was a holy moment.  Two hearts crashing.  They were bursting into pieces over each other in loving restoration.

This made me think of the best feeling I can think of; relief!  It so wonderful to have pressure released, to have pain taken away, to have worry banished from your mind, to have grief eclipsed by joy.  What a beautiful thing to have conflict covered by words of restoration and forgiveness.