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Making sense of Egyptian protests

If you haven’t been keeping up with all the ousting and reformation happening in the Middle East in the last month or so, you need to catch up.  This may be the one of the largest history making years the Middle East has seen in a long time!

First, Tunisia ousted their president, and he fled to Europe.  Other countries noticed, one of them was Egypt.  Egypt has noticed for a while other countries around them, have had reforms, ousted their leaders and replaced them with leaders of their choice.  Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been in power since 1981, and the Egyptians want him out.  He hasn’t exactly listened to his people in the past.

Emboldened by recent events, the poor to middle class citizens took to the streets in peaceful protests at first, early last week.  Then they became increasingly ugly and violent, as they continue to be today.  If this protestation of the government is a fire, I want to know who or what was striking the flint to get this fire started.  In a way….nobody.  Egyptians have been dissatisfied for a while.  But the reason it turned from peaceful protests to ugly violent rages, is because of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, that decided they would seize this moment.

Here is a video, from a man I greatly respect, Joel Rosenberg, that explains what has been going on from a viewpoint of someone who has worked in the White House, served as advisor to the PM of Israel, and is a believer in Jesus Christ.

Here is the video.

By the same man, Joel Rosenberg, here is a written explanation of what has been going on.

May God have mercy on the nation of Egypt, and its people.  May they receive the best leader for them, who will lead them into a government of fairness, tolerance, justice and uprightness.