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“O Pine, The Evergreen”, a poem

“O Pine, The Evergreen”

Wind has a friend in the evergreen,

Though, with its combs to prickle,

And it’s relief humanly unseen,

Sighs like a brook do trickle.


One need only stand in the midst

Of these ever breathing giants,

To feel the rest being lift

With the escort of wind.


Not like their noisy brothers,

Who clap and shudder and sap

The oak, the maple, and others

Don’t exhale the breath of nap.


No, no as these trees go go

Their needles tossed to and fro,

Their cones left to embed the floor,

To receive the breath and live for more.


Wind has a friend in the evergreen,

Lost in its arms, task and time

Ticking and wasting it may seem,

But to sweeten the sigh is the pine!


Luke Olson