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This is going to hurt!

This is mostly a reflection on myself, but you are welcome to do the same thing.  Do this with me…

Picture yourself at a grocery line waiting to check out.  You want to go home bad, your mind is set on your kids, your homework, or whatever.  You get to the cashier and as your checking out she goes, “Would you like to donate a dollar to the childrens fund today sir?”

“HOLD THE BRAKES!!  I’m here to buy food, give YOU money, and now your asking for more?  Should I?  No, I didn’t plan on it.  I don’t just whimsically give money away……dang, I feel guilty.  She’s just standing there waiting on me…people are looking at me.  Am I horrible to say no?  Will others give money?  Absolutely yes… I mean I’m not rich.”

Isn’t that what we do?  Why?  Because our natural tendency is to hold TIGHTLY to money.  It’s sometimes the closest  thing to our hearts.  We worked hard for that money!

Now do this.  She asked you for a dollar right (they usually do, cashiers, peddlers, salvation army personnel, etc)?  How many dollars do you make in one year?  20,000?  30,000?  40,000?  How many cafe latte’s do you purchase each year?

I’m just saying!  In a season of giving, how much are you really giving?  Plan to give!  Be expectant to have opportunities to give.

Perhaps instead of reacting by giving what is asked, a better question should be, “How much do you need?”

PS – I owe much thanks to my Pastor Thaddeus Searcy, for forcing me to reflect on giving from the heart – God is still growing me in this area.